I am working into information technology industry. I am an electronics graduate and completed MCA in 1996. Since last 10 years I am working as software programmer. I have started my career in VC++. From the begaining my work was in communications and networking related applications developments. All the applications I workded during those days mostly involved Winsock and TCP/IP application protocols. Meanwhile I also worked on some non-standard application protocols encapsulated in industrial hardware and used in interfacing with application servers. Also some hands over serial communication applications.

Since last 5 years I am also working over web application development using PHP and MySql. During these days my work consists of developing reusable code using PHP’s OOP concepts. These generally are used in our web applications like e-commerce and other web computing applications.


4 Responses to About

  1. mike says:

    we have included a link to your site here in our php section.

  2. Gangster46 says:

    This should not be so surprising. ,

  3. Deepa Bain says:

    I want to some php based assignment for my practice also if you could give me some more suggetion about webdesigning

  4. Nthiga david says:

    how can i create many arrays dynamically when code is executing
    i have mobile numbers and i want to create arrays whose name is the mobile number
    e.g 072457869 is an array and 07145286 is another array and many more mobile numbers
    the numbers will be pulled dynamically form a database so i don’t have the number before hand which could have made me create the arrays statically
    thanks please in advance

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